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The Difference Between a Liberal and a Conservative

Of all the political theories used to understand our complex political system, one of the most useful is “Social Dominance Theory” (SDT) developed by Sidanius and Pratto. This is a sociological theory that seek to make sense of social hierarchies and how they are formed and maintained. To understand social hierarchies is to understand discrimination, oppression, stereotypes, inequality, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, nationalism, and the like. In short, SDT provides a framework for understanding power and group inequality.

The Resurgence of Hate Groups

Words do have consequences. A growing federal government may be a legitimate concern, but people are not being informed about the aspects of government that promote freedom and democracy, and which aspects diminish our freedoms. Those involved in politics and power grabs have become a primary source of citizen education. The outcomes are anti-government sentiment, movements based on misinformation, and sometimes with violent methods of pushing social change.