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All Too Familiar

May 19th, 2011

I got an email today with this story. It really captures the problems of hierarchy and leadership hubris that permeates our institutions.

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A More Democratic Media

May 5th, 2011

Our media system is broken. It’s primary customer tends to be its advertising partners, who carry an inevitable bias toward corporate power, profit, and self-interest. The large media conglomerates are not fulfilling their role in propping up our democracy as the “four estate.” Instead, we get “infotainment” that feigns the standards of journalist.

If you want to access media that is oriented toward ordinary people, and favors the interests or that majority, look no further than Democracy Now! You can also find great news from TruthDig and FAIR. There are good listener supported (rather than corporate supported) media, if you look around a bit.

This past week I attended FAIR’s 25th anniversary celebration. FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) is a media watchdog group who publishes critical media reports and a great monthly publication, “Extra.” The event was excellent. It featured a powerhouse lineup of speakers: Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and Glenn Greenwald. The speakers gave a pointed critique of the entertainment media that tries to pass for journalism. These speeches are inspiring and stimulating. Check them out, and go raise some hell.

View these talks here:
1-Glenn Greenwald
2-Amy Goodman
3-Noam Chomsky
4-Michael Moore

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Budgeting for the Living

May 23rd, 2010

We hear a lot of criticism these days about government spending. This is a primary concern for the Tea Party movement, and is a major focus in the wave of new conservative books and publications—from Representative Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap to America’s Future,” to recent books by Gingrich, Hannity, and Beck. This concern was nonexistent during the unprecedented spending of the Bush years. Moreover, in all of their fear-mongering, we only hear about the problem of “entitlements.” It is always a concern with too much spending that directly helps low income citizens. We never hear concerns from those who claim to be conservative about government spending that feeds our massive military industrial complex. » Read more: Budgeting for the Living

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Welcome to Speaking Of Democracy!

April 15th, 2010

Welcome to Speaking of Democracy!

This blog will discuss the most pressing issues of our day.  Our purpose is to carve out a more-factual, less-partisan, niche in the political blogging world. The intention is not to defend a particular political party, ideology, or a particular issue, but to challenge the established narratives that are spread via the corporate media and the interests they represent, and to do so with academic research standards. If there is a single theme that captures the intent of this blog, it is that the interests of ordinary people need a larger voice in our society. Too often, rather than voicing our outrage or vision, we become pawns—even victims—of our propaganda of choice, fueled by powerful interests.  We need to question the myths, misinformation, narrowness of discourse, and baseless rhetoric that comes from the talking heads who do not share the interests of the average citizen.

The meaning of democracy is “rule by the people.” It was Thomas Jefferson who said,

“I know of no safe repository of the ultimate power of society but people. And if we think them not enlightened enough, the remedy is not to take the power from them, but to inform them by education.”

We have the responsibility and privilege to be life-long students and participants in governing our nation. Let us proceed together.