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Manufacturing of Consent

Democracy requires the free flowing information, critical thinking skills, and broad participation. When monopoly powers of any kind interfere with these principles, democracy suffers. Today, more than ever before, our democracy (or “Democratic Republican,” if you like) is under assault by monopoly powers–powers that control the media, political representatives, and write the rules for our society. The interests of the powerful would never be accepted by the electorate, and using force wouldn’t work today (and would interfere with kind of market “freedom” that the power want to uphold). So the only way to get the electorate to go along with the interests of the powerful is to use propaganda. People’s consent must be engineered, manufactured.

Let’s Take On Right-Wing Think Tanks

Conservative think tanks are funded by corporate interests. In turn, they distort facts to help maintain public support for policies that will allow the powerful to stay in power, and expand their influence. This damages democracy, and harms the lives of ordinary Americans and people around the world.